Vat Rog Har Syrup 200ml
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Vat Rog Har Syrup 200ml


Ayurveda has three doshas – vaata, pitta, kapha. Health of the body or its illness is dependent on the balance of these three doshas. In balanced state, they keep the body healthy but if these doshas are imbalnced or contaminated then it gives way to various diseases. Ayurveda scriptures mention about 80 types of diseases caused by imbalance of Vaayu. Polluted Vaayu leaves its residing place and moves to other parts of the body, and causes diseases like sciatica, paralysis, ischialgia, arthiritis, rheumatism, trembling, pain, insomnia, unconsciousness, illusion,etc. Sanskruti Aya Gurukulam has prepared this vaat rog har syrup using vaat ailment medicines as prescribed in Ayurveda. It is good for all kinds of vaataj ailments.

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71 in stock

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CONTAINS  : Each 5 ml

Maha Rasnadi Kwath: 200 mg

Dashmool kwath: 70 mg

Shallaki: 150 mg

Punarnava: 70 mg

Ajawain: 70 mg

Ashvagandha: 70 mg

Nirgundi: 40 mg

Sunthi: 40 mg

Hingu: 2 mg

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