Kesar Face Soap
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Kesar Face Soap


Various scriptures of Ayurveda talk about medicinal herbs and natural products to improve the glow and tone of the face. Some of these ingredients are turmeric, sandle, aloevera, saffron and other such herbs and like medicines are combined together to make this kesar face soap, which is used since ages to make the face clean and beautiful. It is also very good for pimples, blemishes,etc.

108 in stock


108 in stock

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Kesar: 0.3 %

Orange Peel: 1 %

Haldi: 2 %

Palash (Keshudo): 0.5 %

Kapoor: 0.7 %

Chandan powder: 1 %

Badam Oil: 1 %

Yashad bhasm: 1 %

Honey: 1 %

Products Key Feature(s) : Washing face with kesar goti removes pimples, blemishes. It cleanses the skin and also nourishes. This soap is chemical free and made with completely natural ingredients. For daily use.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : In Ayurvedic scriptures, Chandan, kesar and aloevera (kumar) are called ‘mukhdooshika naashak gandhapah’, it means the one which removes pimples. Kesar is the most beneficial of them all.

AyurvedVidhan : Sondhal Nighantu, Gada Nigrah

Why To consume : To wash and cleanse the skin of face. This soap protects from pimples and skin pollutants and toxins.

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