GIR Bal Swarnika Tailam 100ml
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GIR Bal Swarnika Tailam 100ml


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Product Description:

Deeply Nourishing, Strengthening & Beautifying Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Allow your baby to feel secure, nourished and pampered as she would be in her Mother’s loving arms, with Gir Bal Swarnika Baby Massage Oil.

This authentic formulation is prepared from pure choice herbs that have been recognized in Ayurveda since centuries for their motherly, nurturing and nourishing qualities.

Enriched with Gir Gau Milk, Saffron, Almond Oil and Rose

Suitable for – Baby’s Delicate Skin.

This blend is based on Bharat’s ancient Gau Adharit Ayurvedic principles that facilitate the harmonious development of your baby, while promoting healthy & beautiful skin, muscular growth, mental clarity, emotional joy and robust immunity.

How to use :
Take the required quantity and gently massage all over the body.

Leave on for at least an hour before washing off with a natural cleanser such as Gir Shishu Snan Ubtan.

Ingredients :
Gir Ahinshak Gau Milk, Saffron, Almond oil, Rose, Bala, Anantmool, Priyangu, Kesar, Haridra, Manjistha, Ashwagandha, Padmakh, Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Sandalwood ess.oil.

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