GIR Sumukhiasya Facepack 50gm
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GIR Sumukhiasya Facepack 50gm


Pigmentation Care

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Product Description:
GIR SUMUKHIASYA face powder is made from Ayurvedic ingredients that lighten up the face, reduce or eliminate  pigmentation, brown patches and scars. It can slough off dead skin and lend your face a naturally beautiful glow.


How to use 

Step 1. 

Take required amount of powder, make a paste by adding honey & rose water, apply on face. Let it dry. Wash off with normal water, gently massage the face while washing. For better results, follow Step 2.

Step 2. 

Use Saundraya Anupama Face Oil after washing the face. Gently massage the face, leave it over night. 

For hyper pigmentation :
take 1 Saundarya Gir Capsule at bed time, and 1 Gir Nishamrut Capsule in the morning on an empty stomach.

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