GIR Chandralekha Tailam 100ml
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GIR Chandralekha Tailam 100ml


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Product Description :-

Calming, Cooling, Soothing

Pitta Balance Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil for sensitive skin

Gir Chandralekha (Pitta Balance) Body Massage Oil is an authentic formulation prepared from pure choice herbs using ancient Ayurvedic principles that help your skin deal with Pitta related imbalances.

This oil contains herbs that have been revered since centuries for their skin healing qualities.

This blend naturally hydrates and pacifies an aggravated Agni, helping your skin experience a cooling tranquility.

Suitable for – sensitive skin, prone to allergies, redness & itchiness, active body type.

Chandralekha Tailam helps you feel your true radiant poise, beauty and harmony.

How to use :

Take the required quantity and gently massage all over the body.
Leave on for at least an hour before washing off with a natural cleanser such as Gir Chandanasya Snan Ubtan.

Ingredients :

Brahmi, Rose, Manjistha, Arjun, Guduchi, Bala, Khus, Saunf, Neem, Anantmool, Haridra, Dhatri, Lodhra, Chandan, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Neroli ess. oil, Orange ess. oil, Sandalwood essential. oil.

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